Monthly Archives: October 2016

“The Furies’ Bog” by Deborah Jackson

Writing a Science Fiction novel is a touchy balance between technology and humanity, between “telling” the setting and “showing” the characters. Since different readers like different levels of tech description, it is very difficult to strike a balance that will appeal to a broad audience. The Near-Future subgenre, using technology that is close to what […]

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“Rim rider” by A. L. Kelley

If you’re looking for rollicking Young Adult Science Fiction, this is your book. It has all the required elements: a fleet of independent space traders being squeezed by a suppressive multinational corporation, a pair of orphans taken in by a welcoming spaceship crew, and even a cute extraterrestrial creature with telepathy. There is also an […]

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“Patriarch Run” by Benjamin Dancer

Authors are often too passionate about the ideas they discuss. It is refreshing to find a writer who does not fall into the trap of first telling us all about the issues, and then putting characters in to show what they mean. This story ties together a great number of crucial issues: population expansion, the […]

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