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“Scavenged” by Scott Arbuckle

REVIEW This is top-notch Science Fiction. More-than-human characters stride across well-conceived and artfully described post-apocalyptic landscape: former humans enhanced and augmented in various ways by enigmatic aliens who are mankind’s saviours or destroyers; it’s uncertain which. There is conflict on internal, interpersonal, external, environmental and galactic levels, all tied together by two main characters whose love has a lot […]

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“The Reader of Acheron” by Walter Rhein

This is Dystopian Action Fantasy with a thread of philosophy running through it. Not enough to slow the action down, just enough to give the plot deeper meaning and intensify the conflict. The characters are interesting, but not exceptionally so. Quillion, the soldier-philosopher, is likeable but not lovable. The freed slave, Kikkan, is the most interesting […]

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