Storm over Savournon


Storm Over Savournon

A Novel of the French Revolution

In the small village of Savournon, deep in the French Alps, a lawyer’s son, Alain Jouvent, re-acquaints himself with Angelique de Bardell, daughter of the most powerful seigneur in the valley.

Alain declares his interest in Angelique, but she reminds him of the facts of their life. In the first place, she anticipates an arranged marriage for political or financial reasons. In the second place, for her to marry a bourgeois, “The world we know would have to be turned upside down.”

The microcosm of Savournon reflects the events of the Revolution as they wash over the country. A local landowner, Reynaud de Gonillons, takes an unpleasant interest Angelique. Sensing the changing political winds, he quickly renounces his nobility, and, as Reynaud LaFrance, elbows his way to power with the local revolutionaries, intent on his personal objectives.

Far away Paris the efforts of those who wish to bring careful, controlled reform to France are thwarted by the economic crisis, the stupidity of the king, the greed of the nobles, and the manipulations of the power-seekers.

Alain can only watch in horror as his beloved is drawn further and further into the intoxicating ferment of the Revolution, unaware of the consequences looming over her.