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“The Aviator Awakening: Vor’s Shadow Trilogy: Book One” by M. C. Elaine

“Aviator’s Awakening” is listed as a Space Opera, but it doesn’t fit the genre comfortably. It has the prerequisite alien species, neatly conceived and well-described. It has the military setting, with a hazy background of interstellar war, but the action takes place in a very restricted setting, and the majority of the conflict is either […]

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“The Waking Nightmares” by M. D. Boncher

This story is an interesting combination of genres. It is far-in-the-future Sci-Fi with incredibly powerful science — perhaps too powerful, but more on that later. The hero, Winston, is a standard poor-but-independent Space Opera pilot, but his employer, Professor/Baron Quentin, is an aristocrat/adventurer straight out of Steampunk. The secondary characters are purposefully developed stereotypes from […]

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