“Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord,” by Sam Guydude

This doesn’t have to be a long review, because the name of the book and the name of the author tell it all.

We’re talking a massive takeoff on every superhero movie, video game and graphic novel ever written for teenage guys. Nothing but fighting, sex, destruction, blood and bad language.

The action is pretty well non-stop. After a while, the author stops giving details of the fight (or sex) choreography and just lists the moves. It gets so outré near the end that the hero takes bullets to the lung, liver and a dozen other vital spots and just keeps attacking.

Surprisingly enough, the story works. The action is so exaggerated that calling the plot full of holes is like saying Swiss cheese has the same problem. Of course it’s like that. Exaggeration piles on hyperbole, with an arms race that doesn’t stop even when they start chucking nukes around.

The right people are harmed at the right time to make us hope this idiot of a hero wins in the end, and the love plotline is really quite sweet in a naïve and pornographic sort of way.

A book that out-magnifies the competition but doesn’t waste our time with inconsequential details. Highly recommended for Action/Adventure fans who want a chuckle. Or teen dudes who believe in all that crap.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

About the Author: Gordon Long

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