“Lifeforce” by Annie Rodriguez

“Lifeforce” by Annie Rodriguez

I would classify this story as Chicklit Paranormal. I say this because the paranormal action takes a weak second place to the romantic conflict in the story, and also because one of the settings is a hospital, which is common to the genre. I mention this because it leads to an interesting approach to the paranormal element, with the scientific explanations for the medical conditions of vampires and werewolves.

There is bit too much explanation in the opening pages, and it continues far into the action sections of the story. As with many authors, this is combined with a penchant for telling rather than showing.

The story is rescued by fascinating characters: for example, a vampire who, like many human doctors, lets her concern for her patients get in the way of her personal well-being. The main characters are developed in loving detail, and we sympathize with them deeply, despite their falling prey to one of the weaknesses of the Romance genre: the creation of interpersonal conflict through implausible romantic tension. Ageless and educated beings involved in complicated and irresponsible love affairs feeding off each other in a help-your-friend kind of way makes for great conflict but poor veracity.

Finally, we get to a short, sharp, action sequence and a rather sudden ending that wraps everything up in a satisfactory way.

Recommended for those who prefer romance over action.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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