“The Hills Be Shaken” by Michael Stewart

This book has an interesting slant on the usual detective procedural/action novel. This one is an engineer’s procedural. Trust an engineer to know all sorts of ways for people to get killed. Especially all sorts of dangerous things you really didn’t want to know that happen inside the generating pod of a wind turbine, 100 metres off the ground.

The opening is a little slow, because there are a lot of characters to introduce, and some of the details don’t relate that much to what happens in the plot. In fact, that’s my one complaint about this book. There are a few too many characters, and this fragments the story too much.

Otherwise, it’s a great plotline with interesting twists and turns, most of them due to the engineering slant. Also, there is plenty of action, and a few more deaths than I personally prefer.

Not that it matters, but there is a higher level of religious content in the story than in most action novels. I didn’t find it intrusive, and it is tied into the characters and the conflict, but it’s an unusual element worth noting.

I found the final conflict happened rather suddenly and with little leadup, which reduced the suspense a certain amount.

A good, solid detective story with an interesting point of view. Recommended for all mystery/action fans, especially the technical minded.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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