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“Rogue Marauder: The Adventures of Haunalyn, Korbot, and Sneighd Book 1 by Cherie Waggie

Space Opera is a style of writing that stretches all the literary conventions in search of an entertaining read. Sometimes this results in great enjoyment. At other times, it descends into just plain poor writing.  “Rogue Marauder” has its share of both. This is a sweeping, rambling collection of every cliché ever invented in the […]

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“Alice’s Universe: the Discovery of a New Cosmos – Twice” by Terry Montlick

I enjoyed this story for many reasons. Unfortunately, it’s a book that doesn’t quite know what it wants to be; it hovers between two different genres little interconnection between the two associated readerships. The author hasn’t made up his mind whether he’s writing super-hard-science Sci-Fi or near-future Fantasy Action-Adventure. So, the beginning of the book […]

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