“The Night and the Land” by Matt Spencer

This is a standard Paranormal plotline with an otherworldly Romeo and Juliet situation to sweeten the plot.

Rob is a teenager who begins to realize that there is something other than the everyday world going on. Also that he’s one of the people participating. Then he meets Sally, who seems to know more of the situation, especially that he’s on the opposite side from her in some kind of conflict.

The interest in the first part of the story is that readers don’t know what’s going on, either, and the plotline jumps forward and backward to keep us unsure.  But the writer blends the hints and suggestions in with the interesting, charismatic characters and their minor personal conflicts so smoothly that it all flows together.

When Rob meets Puttergong, his familiar, things start to open up. We already like Rob and Sally. We really like Puttergong for two reasons. First, he is a very cool, nasty little sprite. Second, he’s the one that tells us, and Rob, what’s going on.

The story takes place in modern-day Vermont, so the world-building alternates between evocative description of real Earth, and  hazy and hinted-at impressions of the hidden world of the protagonists.

At about a third of the way through the book we finally have it all figured out and the gloves come off. Now the story turns into an action adventure, including adult figures from the magical underworld who deal in more serious forms of destruction and mayhem. Throughout it all, we get emotionally closer to all the characters on both sides, so when they clash with each other we are torn who we should be supporting.

And then we hit Book 2, and realize that this is a serial novel in a larger set of stories, and we are being prepared for a wider conflict at several different levels in a continuing epic. I’m sure you’ll want to read them all.

Highly recommended for all paranormal and Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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