“Note to Boy” by Sue Clark

The best book I’ve reviewed in several years.

Once I’ve said that, what more can I add? This has got to be the wackiest plotline going, a complete inside-out-and-backwards on Pygmalion and My Fair Lady. It features two of the most unlikely characters that were ever jammed together in a book: a rough-and-tumble street urchin and a decayed wreck who used to be a high fashion influencer in the Carnaby Street days of the 60s.

Their unlikely parade through a tempestuous relationship and their battle against impossible odds is the kind of plotline that nobody would ever believe possible. Of course, the art of the writer is to involve us so deeply in the characters that we would dearly love for the impossible to be true. As a result, we are willing to believe that just about any dream can come true.

And so it does.

And that’s it. An entrancing and finely crafted excursion into a fantasy that will never happen to us. But we dearly wish it could.

If you happen to be the type of reader who likes your stories true to life and down to earth…hey, give yourself a break and try something else. You might be glad you did.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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