“Watch Her Vanish” by Ellery Kane

“Watch Her Vanish” starts out that way, and it’s unfortunate, because once the story gets going, it moves along rapidly, people start acting like normal adults, and there’s a really good serial killer mystery in there, with a logical, nicely convoluted plotline and lots of suspense.

The writing is for the most part professional and well-edited. Dark symbolism smoothly envelops the setting with fog, rain, darkness, deserted buildings, remote country roads and evil. Everything you could wish for in a good read.

Unfortunately, this author slips every once in a while into the over-used errors of weaker genres: creating suspense by blatantly not telling us something; overusing cliff-hangers; manipulating characters to keep conflict going. The sort of flaw that reminds us that there is an author manipulating our emotions.

Otherwise a good story, especially for people who like a lot of human interaction in their murder mysteries.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) 

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