“Night Shifter” by L. E. Horn

I found this book an enjoyable read. Well, perhaps “enjoyable” is a little tame for a werewolf thriller, but it takes all kinds. This author’s writing style is smooth and well edited, and nothing distracts us from our enjoyment of the story. It has well-rounded characters and several different levels of conflict, from the most personal to the goriest action sequences.

What drives this book is the finely balanced contrast between the eeriness of the wild and the ordinariness of everyday life. There is enough scary werewolf supernatural stuff and enough studly male testosterone to satisfy any werewolf fan. What adds to the suspense is the tension between that world and the ordinary life the main character, Liam, is trying to live. This feeling is aided by Liam’s relationship with his dog, Keen, who is a character in her own right. She acts as a balance any time the story pulls us too far into the macabre world of the werewolves.

This works to keep the suspense high. In any book, no matter how tense, the reader gradually gets inured to the terror. A character like Keen reminds us once in a while what reality is, and makes us even more frightened about the events in the story.

Fine supernatural action and suspense.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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