“Irresistible” by Kresten Forsman

I don’t usually review short stories, but this is a nice little piece of surrealism written in a completely realistic style, and I think readers might enjoy it.
The premise of the plot is what would happen if those self-help YouTube videos actually worked. What if it was really possible for a person to change from the frumpy, unpopular,
whatever-they-used-to-be, and become the person they wished they were?
As it happens, interesting things might occur. And that’s a good thing, because most of the action in the story takes place in the main character’s head, and that starts to drag quite quickly. There are only two serious chunks of dialogue in the whole story, but they happen
at the right times to keep us interested.
And we stay interested right until the ending, which isn’t quite what we might have expected…unless we were really paying attention.
Recommended for fans of the quirky and off-beat.
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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