“Destructive Salvation” by Jay Deans


This book is a Sci-Fi Action Adventure Disaster novel. Yep, all five. It’s about the double-edged sword of scientific advancement, which can be a boon or a weapon, depending on whose hands it ends up in. The story is written is a clear, even style and the plotline of any individual chapter flows well. It’s the jumps in between that cause the problems.  

The story starts with Thaddeus, a detective who is faced with a Terminator-like shooter who refuses to die. Thaddeus is portrayed as a realistic, sympathetic character perfect for the genre. Then chapter 6 is a jump to a completely different backstory about someone’s child’s leukemia disaster.

Then we have a three-chapter segue into a flashback filled with medical mumbo-jumbo. Science Fiction requires that we get the scientific facts right, Near-Future Medical-Based Science Fiction even more so. However, it can be overdone. 

Then we are treated to a battle sequence worthy of any action adventure novel, where the hero takes on a full house of Tong members. 

And so on. 

Sooner or later these disparate stories come together. However, the usual practice in novels that cover a wide scope of characters and themes is to blend them all together in an exciting weave. This is like three or four short stories in large fragments that don’t fit together at all. Until the end. 

Recommended for fans of action-adventure medical Sci-Fi who like their science in great detail. And have good memories.

4 out of 5 stars

 (4 / 5)

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