Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patti Jansen

I went looking for a fun read the other day, and got a free novel from Amazon. Expecting the usual free-first-book-of-the-series potboiler, I was happily mistaken.

“Seeing Red” is a full-scale stand-alone Sci-Fi novel in the traditional sense. Alien power politics, mental telepathy, fantastic weapons, and high-quality world-building.

 Cory Wilson, the main character, is a junior ambassador to a group of aliens who control the rest of the galaxy. Humanity would love to join in; at least some humans would. Xenophobia abounds on Earth, and the assassination of the World President in the first chapter sets up a puzzle that cannot be solved by anyone without Cory’s experience with the aliens. But he is hampered by the loss of his counterpart of the alien species, a closer-than-friend who is detained by Earth authorities. Cory has no choice but to go to the alien planet to straighten things out. 

The complexity of the political plot is only exceeded by the intricacies of the alien societies involved and the difficulties of Cory’s personal life. For example, once you’re faced with it, it’s amazing how difficult a difference of body temperature of a few degrees can be. 

Minor problems with overly complex sentences slow down the reading at times, but otherwise the work is well written and professionally edited.

Highly recommended for all Sci-Fi fans, especially those who like political turmoil. And there are more books in the series.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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