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“Scavenged” by Scott Arbuckle

REVIEW This is top-notch Science Fiction. More-than-human characters stride across well-conceived and artfully described post-apocalyptic landscape: former humans enhanced and augmented in various ways by enigmatic aliens who are mankind’s saviours or destroyers; it’s uncertain which. There is conflict on internal, interpersonal, external, environmental and galactic levels, all tied together by two main characters whose love has a lot […]

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“Aftan Whispers” by Phil Williams

 “Aftan Whispers” takes place in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic society, where Tyler, a tradesman with a Pollyanna approach to human nature teams up with a Deni, cynical, self-destructive former slave to save…well…something: themselves, the world, who knows? Thus the success of the story revolves around the two characters, and the conflict is based on their different […]

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