Eye Candy by Ryan Schneider

In “Eye Candy,” Ryan Schneider follows the philosophy/action blend of Asimovian promisory fiction; deep thoughts, interesting characters, a creative future setting, tense action. Well, maybe he doesn’t push the philosophy too hard, but that’s all to the better. The first part of the story tells about Dan Olivaw (Asimov fans are hearing the “spoiler” bells […]

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The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling

I have always been in awe of J. K. Rowling, both for her amazing financial success and for her positive effect in attracting millions of children to take up reading. However, I’m not alone in wondering whether she is the one-trick-pony with the most astounding trick that ever hit the publishing world. Unfortunately, “The Casual Vacancy,”  her […]

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There Comes a Prophet By David Litwack

There Comes a Prophet is the story of Nathaniel, “good at everything but destined to fall short of greatness” and Orah, childhood friends in a post-apocalypse religious dictatorship, who approach their coming adulthood with a combination of rebellion and despair. They know something is wrong with their society, but ask themselves that age-old question, “What […]

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