Heather Skye Wilson is The Psychic Warrior by T. D. McKinnon

This sub-genre has been around a long time, but it is reaching the mainstream a lot more lately. I’d have to call it New Age Fantasy. Telekinesis and ESP are out. Astral travelling and multiple lives are in. This newness has its advantages and disadvantages; while it may be refreshing, original and creative, it also requires a bit too much explaining. “Heather Skye Wilson is the Psychic Warrior” is no exception.

The original premise is sound. In a post-apocalyptic almost-utopia, a girl who represents the latest incarnation of an ancient spirit is both aided and hindered in her duties by the experiences of her past lives. As her young life progresses before us, she develops her abilities and learns about her past lives as well, reliving them as the reader does. Thus Scottish clan warfare, coal-mining poverty and abuse, fundamentalist religious fanaticism and modern weaponry are sprinkled liberally through the story, giving opportunity for a great deal of well-choreographed suspense and heavy action.

I found some of the flashbacks to former lives to be as gripping, and the earlier incarnations as empathetic, as the main character in her present-day form. This cumulative effect is what keeps the disjointed timeline from breaking our contact with the character and the story.

My complaint, as mentioned above, is the excess of explanation. Those who hate prologues will revel in reviling the introduction, which is basically superfluous, since the same information is mostly slipped into the story later on, in smaller chunks, as it should be.

Warning: the theme of sexual abuse is handled delicately, but will make this a story for the over-14 reader.

A workmanlike foray into a blossoming new genre. Of special interest to Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans looking for something more creative than the norm.

3 stars out of 5.

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